Creatures of Kings County

I. Theme Song
There is a place called Kings County,
Where millions live and play,
But if you ask them what it's called,
"Brooklyn" is what they say.
You've seen the famous bridges,
Maybe tasted cheesecake, too;
You’ve been to Coney Island
Or Atlantic Avenue.
But there is more to Brooklyn
Than you ever would have known:
It's time to meet some Creatures
Who call Kings County home.

II. Tabby Cat in Park Slope
There is a cat, a tabby cat,
In the Park Slope part of town.
He lounges in my garden
On a sunny spot he found.
Ah, the life! He eats, he sleeps,
Sometimes he meows or purrs.
He does not even seem to mind
The chirping of a bird.

III. Chihuahua in Brooklyn Heights
A little Chihuahua in Brooklyn Heights
Sees the world in a different light.
She does not walk upon the ground,
Her owner's purse is where she's found.
Though life is good, she must complain:
That cell phone's driving her insane!

IV. Old Horse in Kensington
A sturdy old horse from Kensington
Begins a day of work.
He crosses traffic patiently
And enters Prospect Park.
He knows his first time rider
Finds it all so scary and new;
He'd like to say, "I've got you now,
Relax and enjoy the view."

V. Two Mice in Crown Heights
Two little mice, roaming Crown Heights,
Explore the Brooklyn Museum one night.
They run and run with sheer delight.

But then they spy the mighty moor,
They tremble beneath his glistening sword,
So scared, their feet glued to the floor.

But he's not real they finally see,
He is just painted imagery.
They run and run, squealing with glee.

Then the waterfall appears,
So huge and bright they swear they hear
Its rushing current coming near.

VI. Theme Song Reprise
Cat, Chihuahua, Horse and Mice,
Your time with us has been so nice.
Farewell until another day brings
All of us back to this County of Kings.

-Aaron Grad